The Second Time Around

     Chapter Two: Awakening
     Chapter Three: Explanation 
     Chapter Four: Presentation
     Chapter Five: Settlement
     Chapter Six: Interview
     Chapter Seven: Encounter
     Chapter Eight: Springtime 
     Chapter Nine: Freshman
     Chapter Ten: Summer 
     Chapter Eleven: Sophomore
     Chapter Twelve: Infatuation
     Chapter Thirteen: Hesitation
     Chapter Fourteen: Separation
     Chapter Fifteen: Gala
     Chapter Sixteen: Matriarch
     Chapter Seventeen: Patriarch
     Chapter Eighteen: Junior
     Chapter Nineteen: Expecting
     Chapter Twenty: Family
     Chapter Twenty-One: Beached
     Chapter Twenty-Two: Fate
     Chapter Twenty-Three: Phoenix
     Chapter Twenty-Four: Gateway
     Epilogue: Calling

     This is the Open Ending


  1. Must. Have. More. Chapters.

    1. Whoooa! Don't rush me. >=(

    2. Oh no, don't be mad I was just kidding!
      There's no rush my friend! :)

    3. Lol, I'm not mad at all. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy that you like it so much. =D I do hope to get an update out before the end of the week.

    4. :O
      I am so excited now!!!

  2. Also... I must have more too! One of the best stories out there so far as I've read. In my own opinion anyway. :)

    P.S. (not sure it counts as this is a comment box and not a letter...) I'm Silentunknown on The Sims 3. The one you recently added ^^

    1. One last thing... I'm using your blogger page as a reference for one I'm making, hope you don't mind if it looks exact for a while. You just have such a lovely format!

    2. Thanks Tacet! I do plan on an update this week. And it's nice to know who you are on the Sims 3 forum! Thanks for the friend request too, by the way.

      I don't mind at all. =D

    3. You're welcome, that's awesome looking forward to it, and not at all. You're my fifth friend on the sims 3 forum so it's more beneficial to me :) Especially since I love your story so much haha. Hope my fifty foals challenge turns out half as well.

    4. Lol, I'm honored to be friend number five! =D. Good luck with your challenge! Lemme know when you start it, I haven't read a lot of fifty foal challenges so I'd love to check it out.

    5. Hopefully I'll have the first chapter up tonight, unless I get distracted by I Love Lucy again :) Quick question, after uploading pictures is it safe to delete them from the folder on your computer, or will it mess up with the image on the site?

    6. Here it is, first chapter is up :)

    7. Generally speaking, I'd say yes it's safe to delete them from your computer. It won't effect the image that's been uploaded since that one is now a different copy. Personally I like to keep copies of images on my computer to have back-ups.
      Exciting! I'll add you to my bookmarks and comment as soon as I can! =D

    8. Yeah, I don't plan on deleting them unless room ever gets to be a problem (It shouldn't, I have a /lot/ of memory on this pc) but it's good to know just in case :) Thanks!

    9. Someone's been busy with the layout :D

    10. Shh! The old format will hear you and awaken from its drug-induced slumber!

    11. -whispers- We wouldn't want that! This new one is great!

  3. Wow. This has been amazing. I can't wait for the next chapter!

    1. I'm so glad you like it, Emily! Thanks for commenting. =D